Tayibah Institute

Islamic Center

Alhamdulillah by the Will of Allah, Tayibah Institute has secured property for the plans of opening an Islamic Center and Masjid. Tayibah Institute currently uses various venues for hosting classes and events, which include Penlyn Madrassah, Masjidul Mansur and The Lounge Musallah to name a few.

The center will primarily be used for the worship of Allah, where the community can expect to pray the five daily prayers as well as Jumu’ah. It will also help us localise all of our classes, give us an opportunity to become more active in the community, such as counseling, outreach programs, etc. and provide better resources for future events.

We recently ran the “Sponsor a Musallah” initiative and Alhamdulillah, we achieved our goal within a few days. We cannot express how thankful we are to everyone for their continuous support, and we make du’a that Allah accepts your contributions towards His Deen.

However, we are still in need of your support as the renovations and maintenance of the Islamic Center still requires a significant amount of funds.

All the necessary information can be found above, including banking details and contact information.

Jazakumu Allahu Khairan
Tayibah Institute