Yaseen Adam hails from the city of Cape Town, South Africa. After matriculating from Islamia High School in 2003, his interest in the religion led him to studying an Aalim Course at the Qaasim Ul Uloom in Cape Town. Subsequent to his graduation in 2012, he was blessed to be accepted at the Islamic University of Madina in 2013. Here, he first completed a diploma in Arabic from the Mahad Al Lugha, after which he obtained a B.A degree in the Faculty of Hadeeth and Islamic Sciences in 2019. Some of his esteemed teachers include Shaykh Sulaymaan Al-Ruhaylee, Shaykh Ali -Tuwayjiree and Shaykh Muhammed Bin Haddee Al Madkhalee.

Yaseen has since returned to Cape Town, where he is actively pursuing the propagation of the Deen through various platforms such as weekly lectures/courses as well as madrassa sessions, which he is undertaking through the Tayibah Institute.

He continues furthering his Islamic knowledge by regularly researching fatawa and other Islamic Sources, as well as listening to discourses of his prominent teachers and scholars. He sees his degree as a mere stepping stone towards a lifelong journey of attaining Islamic Knowledge and practicing his Deen in an informed manner.