Muhammad Ridaah Harris is a South African Daa’ee (Caller to Islam) who hails from the shores of Cape Town. After matriculating from Livingstone High he developed a deeper interest in Islam which led him to seek knowledge in and around Cape Town. From the beginning of his pursuit he was strongly influenced by the call of The Salafus Saalih (Pious predecessors) which is based upon the Quraan & Sunnah. This led him to further his pursuit of authentic Islamic knowledge at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah. Here, he completed a Diploma in Arabic Language from the Ma’had Al-Lugha (College of Arabic) 2011, thereafter completing a Bachelors from  the Faculty of Dawah & Usul-adeen (Islamic propagation & Fundamentals of religion) 2016.

Upon his return, he began propagating Islam in and around Cape Town via numerous platforms such as lectures, weekly sermons & thematic classes. He is also the founder of Maktab Anas ibn Maalik, an Institute which focuses on educating young Muslims about the fundamentals of Islam. In 2017 he joined Tayibah Institute as an executive member where he serves as a teacher & religious advisor alongside his colleagues Shaykh Imraan Mollagee & Shaykh Yaseen Adam. He has completed the course Tawheed Simplified & currently teaches an array of other courses such as Arabic Made Easy under the banner of Tayibah.

He is hoping to further his gain, implementation and propagation of authentic Islamic knowledge, as it is a lifetime pursuit that he is committed to and highly passionate about.  He plans to do so through constant research and study of the works done by the various notable scholars, early and contemporary, as the Arabic proverb states, “Knowledge is an ocean without a shore.”