Shaykh Muhammad Tim Humble Johannesburg Durban Cape Town Tour September 2022

Meet Shaykh Muhammad Tim Humble

Shaykh Muhammad Tim Humble is a British Islamic Speaker, Hadith Scholar, Teacher, Lecturer and Raqi (Exorcist Specialist/Healer with Quran and Sunnah/ Ruqyah Shar‘iyyah) Muhammad Tim Humble, based in Newcastle, U.K. He graduated from the famous Faculty of Hadith and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madina in 2011. He currently teaches at Kalemah center in Dubai, UAE.

Cape Town – South Africa Tour 2022

Follow Shaykh Muhammad Tim’s tour around Cape Town between 5 -9  September 2022 for these beneficial talks, interviews and more.
Details will be updated daily.

Date /  Time Topic Venue Live Stream
Mon, 5 September
Maghrieb to Eshai
World of the Unseen Darul Islam Masjid, Gonubie Road, Surrey Estate (Map)
Tues, 6 Sept
Maghrieb to Eshai
Signs of the Hour Markazul Quran Was Sunnah, 17 Birdwood St, Athlone (Map)
Wed, 7 Sept
Maghrieb to Eshai
The Status of the Sunnah Masjid-ul Sunnah, 1 Durban Road, Bellville (Map)
Thurs, 8 Sept
Maghrieb to Eshai
Hadith of the 2 Wolves Tayibah Institute, 55 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne (Map)
Fri, 9 Sept
Jumu’ah (Mens Facilities Only)
Allah’s Greatest Name Tayibah Institute, 55 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne (Map)
Fri, 9 Sept
Maghrieb to Eshai
Obligation of Following the Quran & Sunnah in Matters of Belief Tayibah Institute, 55 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne (Map)