Muallima Saadika Parker has a passion for learning and teaching and is constantly involved in both. After completing high school at Islamia College, she attended UCT and completed a Bachelor’s in Science. She was involved in many volunteer programs at university and served as the female representative for the MSA. She then pursued a diploma in Islamic Studies from Darun-Naim as she had a yearning to further her knowledge of Deen.

Her teaching formally began at Islamia Girls High in which she taught for several years while continuing with various post graduate studies. She then accompanied her husband to Madinah where she worked and studied. There, she completed a diploma in Islamic Studies in the Arabic language, while completing a BA in Islamic Studies with the Islamic Online University. She has experience in teaching at various levels, from home schooling young children to lecturing at University.

Muallima Saadika believes that learning is a life long journey and should be accompanied by the implementation of knowledge creating a nation of excellence through education.